Shonen Junk x JapanDrops

Exclusive Goodies from Japan for Shonen Junk holders!

JapanDrops has partnered with Shonen Junk to provide SJ holders exclusive officially licensed items only available in Japan.

*You'll need to use a PC with MetaMask installed to access the site **Must hold a Villager Coin

How to participate

To get the exclusive Shonen Junk JapanDrops, you must hold an official Shonen Junk in your wallet.

Hold an official Shonen Junk

Peep the Shonen Junk official website.

HODL a Villager Coin!

HODL a Villager Coin during the redemption period to claim a JapanDrop.

Register with JapanDrops

Register with JapanDrops to receive your Japan-exclusive care package!

About JapanDrops

Multiple choices for the different Shonen Junk fans <3

*You'll need to use a PC with MetaMask installed to access the site

Different Drops

Receive JapanDrops

A care package featuring officially licensed anime & manga merch, snacks + candy, and local Japanese goods.

Community Content

You choose what to see and where we go. JapanDrops takes care of the rest!

Personalized Shopping & Calls

JapanDrop Holders can book personal shop or tours to fill their Japan void.


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